Monday, 4 September 2017

This Weekend I ...

... indulged my love of scrapbooking, in a room full of like-minded ladies 
... and it was amazing!
There'll be more later this week about  the sort of things I made/produced,
but let me share the venue with you first.
We were based on the glorious campus of the
Royal Agricultural University in Gloucestershire.
It was so gorgeous that I immediately began hankering after undergraduate life,
 and if they ever introduce a course called Paper Conservation,
then I'm there!    


Patio Postcards said...

What a beautiful site to be gathering with liked minded ladies for a weekend, A WEEKEND, of scrapping. Mind you in such a location, I would be so tempted to wander about. Looking forward to seeing your hard work from this weekend. Did you know any of these like minded ladies before hand? New friends !

alexa said...

It is indeed a splendid setting, isn't it! Everytime I walk into my student bedroom with a small rucksack and one change of clothes, I have this insane desire to totally downsize and live in one room!

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