Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Weekend Retreat | What Did I Make?

Aside from all but finishing the Traveler's Notebook about our exploits in Sapin,
I managed to make a whopping 11 scrapbook pages over the course of two days! 
Four were 12x12 pocket pages, three were 8.5x11 (a size I'd challenged myself to produce) 
and the remainder were 12x12
(three were double-page spreads and one was a single-page spread).
 That's what I call a productive weekend. 
Jemma, the brilliant organiser of the weekend, issued challenges throughout Friday evening 
and Saturday.  They were great icebreakers and allowed us all to admire each other's work. 
I'd turned up with approximately twenty sets of photos that I naively expected to adhere
to cardstock during the weekend.  It really had been a long time since my last weekend retreat,
as I'd forgotten to factor in the time spent chatting, drinking tea and eating cake.  Doh.
But that amount gave me plenty of scope to match photos with each challenge. 
  I knew that The Boy Child would love a double-page spread about our visit to Camp Nou,
and I was right.  He said it was best thing I did all weekend! 
And in case you were wondering, the title is in Catalan and translates as More Than a Club


Becky said...

So glad he liked the spread! I loved doing the challenges over the weekend - such fun!

Patio Postcards said...

Nice layout & better yet it was well received at home :)

Scrapbook & Cards have some good sketch ideas.

alexa said...

You were indeed very productive, and your 'Mes que un club' I can attest is even brighter and sharper in reality. How nice that he was so appreciative!

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