Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Traveler's Notebook | Spain | Complete

One thing that I was determined to complete during the weekend retreat 
was my Traveler's Notebook about our recent visit to Spain.
See that cake?  It was made by one of the delegates 
and it was there on my work space as an incentive/reward for me finishing the TN. 
 It was a Chocolate Orange cupcake and it was delicious.
I may have had more than one, but don't tell. 
 As it turned out, I didn't quite finish it up, as I remembered that
I'd run of journaling cards on our penultimate day in Barcelona.
 And what with having visitors arrive the day after our return to UK,
I haven't got around to writing the last entry.  But I will. 
 I think I've mentioned it previously, but I'm a convert to the humble TN.
It's the perfect size for taking away with you on your travels,
and it takes no time to add the photos on your return. 


Patio Postcards said...

Your book looks so full of wonderful memories. I like your motivation of the cupcake. I saw only one (wink wink)

alexa said...

And I can tell your readers that it is even more splendid in real life - I especially likes your envelopes with the additional photos in ...

alexa said...

Oops, apologies, I remember now that the envelopes were in the album you'd made. (Tired Bear of Little Brain). I liked the way you structured your pages in the TN with the square cards and photos.

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