Wednesday, 22 February 2017

IKEA | A Rite of Passage?

Earlier this week, I assembled a shelving unit bought from IKEA.
It's the first ever self-assemble piece of furniture from IKEA that I've ever owned.
I feel like a grown-up ... or not.
 I bought it to replace an old bookcase which stood in our hall.
And failed.
Now I have a home for books, photo frames, Harry Potter CDs,
a memento from Bermuda and, perhaps most importantly.
sixteen (yep, 16) 12x12 scrapbooks.
I call that a win.  


Patio Postcards said...

I would say you have done a beautiful artful job of arranging this bookshelf. Nice to have everything together in one spot for those 16 albums (hopefully room for more as you create).

Sian said...


Putting flat packs together is a bit of a hobby here. I think he likes putting them together more than finding somewhere to put them once they're done, though.

alexa said...

I remember being very chuffed when I put together a high-up bed for my DD, so I can appreciate the sense of satisfaction. Yours is much prettier, though :).

Susanne said...

Total win! It looks fab!

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